O’town Artistes’ Night came on for two unforgettable Thursdays that saw me taking pictures I might end up not using.

Just to keep the event fresh on our minds and also to show those that missed it some of the exciting moments during the  two editions that came on.

I present these few pix for your delight, just enjoy  them.



When the bar man is pinging, what would you say. Is it that people are not buying drinks? lol. The event has just fininshed. Ping on bar man.



if all these guys are looking in different directions, then where is the performances taking place. maybe they are looking at the side attractions.

Now tell me something, even if an artiste gets naked on stage, is it enough reason for this guy to put his hands on his head. What is he even looking at?


I just wonder!!

what’s that sign? can anyone ask Big Slai. If Real Playa can smile like this, why is he not on a tooth paste advert, is it that…

who killed this pix?

If J Smith said in his interview that he doesnt go to night clubs, what is he then doing here? Maybe he was invited just like all of us. Hey Naut B is that how they dance Azonto?

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I see signs and wonders here…. but just help me, who is the odd one here?

when Red Loaf refused to pose for a picture. Maybe he is not photogenic!

Day 2: Aside music production, you must know that Reflex also loves pinging. I wonder what he was typing. What can I say about Seaflo behind him?

Day 2: Dj Cueba of Hot 99.5 FM Owerri. what about his outfit, plus the extra weight. Bro fast some days and send your food to me oh.

Day 2: Aifee, Target Ogadi with 2Blac behind. I want to pretend as if I didnt see the babe. This pix is so warm. Makachukwu!

Day 2: Aside comedy, Mc Ichie can still sing.  What is he wearing? Watch Acharaman trying to steal the song

Is Reflex posing or is he catching cold? I just wonder. And I just hop Big Slai is not on a point and kill mission there.

chilling things: Hardy can still take a pix with Harmony. Is that how she smiles? Check out that sitting Azonto things by that bro.


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