Every years freshmen in Nigerian universities take to the streets of the country on the usual Rag Day ritual, which we believe is aimed at raising money for the various destitute homes in the country, depending on the location of the institution.
Although we cannot say if this target is really met, but that day is one special day in the lives of fresh students who put pride away to wear rags on the streets, something they would never do on an ordinary day.
It is also a day that every sane man has big regards for people on rags, (even when they are insane) because no one would want to make the mistake of calling a sane student a  mad person and so some insane people use that opportunity to mix with same people ask for money and talk with them as well.
The striking part is the dressing these students put up that day. Some who do not know what rag is just leave there house wearing the reverse side of their designers cloths, others put on their old cloths (which actually look like rags) with markings on their faces, while some male folks among them see it as a day to look like a girl and get away with it.
What ever you see on that day, don’t take it personal because these students are just enjoying themselves.
Yesterday was the turn of Federal Polytechnic Nekede and I want to congratulate all of them




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