Ruff Coin Nwaba is not a new name in the Nigeria music industry, he has seen it through rough part of the journey to level of fame he has found himself.


The Aba based artistes who often stays in Owerri spoke to Chinedu Hardy Nwadike in this exclusive interview, where he expressed the deepest part of his life, music and the part he would be taking to achieve his goal as a musician.




After your video shot in Dallas USA

It has been easy, I have been promoting the video since I came back and I’m happy people are accepting it, which is a good thing

How far has it gone?

I wouldn’t say everyone has seen the video, but it is playing in stations like Sound City, MTV Base and others like them. We are still working towards getting the video down to everyone.


Why choose Dallas instead of Aba?

It’s not like I went to USA to shoot my video, I was there on a tour and it just happened and we decided to do the video over there.

The next thing

I’m trying to complete studio work on my upcoming album titled ‘Diamond on the Ruff Album’ which is billed to drop in October 12 this year. I need to finish up with the recording, mixing and mastering as well.

Diamond on the Ruff Album

It is a 16 track album that will show the two sides of me, because as my fan base is increasing, there is need to get something for all of them. People in Aba and the entire east want to hear the Nwaba kind of flow, while people in the west want to hear the sweet music kind of flow, so I am doing my best to give all of them what they want. I did this by adding both Igbo and non-Igbo track in the album.

Artistes in the album

I did collaborations with Timaya, Flavour, Sound Sultan, M.I, Tuface and also with Dagrin before he died. Down in Owerri here, I have Peke, who featured and produced one of the songs.

How far has Ruff Coin gone?

I have gone pretty far, but I will consider it as just half way. It’s just like going to Lagos from Aba, I will say I’ve gotten to Onitsha in this case and still have Benin and other cities ahead before the destination Lagos. A whole lot of people think and say that I have achieved a lot, but I don’t see it like that.

What pushed you to this level?

First of all, I’ll say the Grace of God which is the most important thing. Secondly, good music because it has to be good for people to accept it. Nwa Aba and its remix were both accepted as well as Onye eze and sweet music, that is why I’m here now.

Your style of music

Sometimes I can’t even put myself in a particular genre, because I can rap, sing and can still do the afro thing. This is because I listen to all kinds of music.

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If you are to re-do Nwa Aba

The things I would love to change are some names I mentioned in that track. I am an Ngwa and somehow I didn’t mention the name of my people in the first version of the song that got out which was a studio leak, by the time I’ve gone back to correct that, the song has already spread and there was nothing I could do about it. I want to add those names, not because I’m a politician, but because they are my people and deserve to be there.

Are you a Law graduate?

I was in Abia State University Uturu (ABSU). Studying law, I finished and somehow couldn’t go back to finish my clearance and the rest of it. I won’t say that I graduated, but I know that I have the knowledge. The only thing I don’t have is the proof for the knowledge which is the certificate and I don’t care. People are so after the proof for knowledge instead of the knowledge itself and because of this, people pay to own a certificate.

Will you go back to ABSU?

No. I rather go for a course that has something to do with my music or the kind of business I want to go into. These are the kind of courses that will help me be relevant in the society and not wasting my time on something I would never be using.

Big A Entertainment

Big A is an Aba boy, and he worked out a USA show from me. When we got there, we realized we could work together so we reached an agreement and that is it and everything has been going on fine.

Would you leave Big A Entertainment?

We have a contract and I can’t just walk out of it. But if a bigger label comes and an understanding is reached, then I can leave on still be owed by both labels which is practically possible.

While relaxing

I play football games and or I can play the real football if I find a place to do that. I also hang out with friends when I can.

Ruff Coin and ladies

As an artiste, one would have to understand that you can’t have all the girls and all the girls can’t have you as well. I try to maintain a healthy relationship with my female fans especially on BBM (Blackberry Messenger), twitter and facebook. I tried my best to reply all their messages. They don’t really get closer, because as an artiste one doesn’t stay at a place. So there’s no way anyone can get stuck to you.

Single or hooked

I don’t have a love life for now, but this will happen when the right one comes around. It is fun being in love, and I missed being in love.

Missed being in love?

Yeah! I’m a human being just like every other person living, who has one time or the other fallen in love and the other time broken up. I’ve experienced both, that’s why I can say I missed being in love.