His sugar mummy is threatening me

Dear Bro Fuston,
Kindly tell me what to do about the situation I presently have at hand.
I am a 26-year-old undergraduate. I do not intend to battle with a hag who goes about opening wide her legs to a guy that should be twice her age.
This is not what I want for myself, but I strongly feel that I cannot back down for a flabby breast woman with stretch-marks all over her body.


My breasts are still vigorously erect. I am young and pretty. The guy in the eye of this storm loves me. The only thing is that his sugar mummy is deceiving him by throwing money at him. She is a divorcee and my enquiries about her show that her two children are above 18 years each. She is a Port Harcourt-based distributor to one of the blue chip companies in Nigeria.
She gave out a three-bedroom flat to my boy-friend in one of her many buildings here in Port Harcourt and made him the caretaker of the building.
I started a long time with this guy, about five years now. I know how much we two have contributed into our relationship. I am aware that his attitude does not stem from the fact that this woman provided a better roof over his head and a car to cruise around with.  Voodoo cannot be ruled out in this whole saga.
When he is with me you need to see how passionate he speaks about our relationship. He is like one that needs rescue from the woman’s bondage and I am out to help him get out of this hook. He catches cold when the woman sneezes. He recently confided in me that he de-tastes making love to the woman, because there is nothing appealing about her. But he does not know how to end the affair, because the only interest the woman has is his sexual powers. And she could kill him or any other person that tries to stop him from having sexual affair with her. She has threatened to exterminate me if I come between her and my own lover.
I blame everything on the lack of employment in our country today. My boyfriend has graduated from the university since four years ago without a job and this woman early this year offered to be giving him goods on credit, so that he could sell them and make profit. When they began a relationship, she gave him the very apartment he resides now and since that time has been lavishing gifts on him.
My boyfriend as much as I know is not ready to marry this woman who has attained menopause.My thinking is that she is out to destroy this promising young guy who can’t speak out because of his condition.
I love him and he loves me too, but this old sorceress is destroying our happiness.
I now receive threat calls and messages warning me to stay away from a relationship I have made sacrifices for and nurtured for five solid years.
Who in my shoes and age will allow a spent-force win and take over what belongs to her.
The threat is becoming much and I felt I should seek advice from people more knowledgeable than me. Please, I need your assistance now to tackle this impending doom.
Belinda lives in Port Harcourt

Dear Belinda,
It seems to me you are battling to keep a man that does not want to keep you as his only lover.
What effort has he made to liberate himself from this relationship you described as bondage? You painted a picture of a man that has no policy and cannot take a decision on an issue.
He is loose and that is why he shamelessly sleeps with a woman old enough to be his mother. He has succeeded in hoodwinking you and that is why he has the guts to tell you that he is tired of sleeping with his sugar mummy.
You are playing a loser’s game, if you go ahead to engage in any way this big mama who to me appears desperate of having your so-called lover all to herself.
Your man is not under any spell, he is into the illicit relationship because of the sexual and financial gains he is receiving.
Your man is a gigolo, so you don’t blame his amorous activities on lack of employment or the government of the day. He is only drawn away from his own lust.
There are numerous university graduates that have generated jobs for themselves and today they are employers of labour and are not under any obligation to sleep with anybody against their wish.
You are being used due to your ignorance. So, I think you should wake up from your slumber and face realities now.
You claim he loves you and yet he cannot because of you reject an enticing and entangling offer.
You want to be killed or harmed over a man that has no regard for you and can go as far as preferring a spent-force like you said more than you who is much younger.
I pity you because for five years you were in love with a man that is a total stranger to you.
Until you disengage from this lover-boy and his sugar-mummy and apply your time into something better, you may end up regretting the day you met him.
At 27 years, you should be thinking of having a relationship that has a bright future not one that will land you in trouble. Come to think of it, if those threats result in acid bath and you are disfigured, do you think that this same guy will abandon his new-found wealth to be there for you? Run now, and run as fast as your legs could carry you. He, who fights and run away lives to fight another day. Take care.


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