Dear Bro Fuston,
God is using you mightily in bringing peace and stability in some relationship, thanks for your good works.
We are both bankers, but do not work  in the same bank, we met in Lagos during a seminar organized by Central Bank of Nigeria.
We work and live in Aba but not in the same street. We are both 27 years and hail from the same local government of origin but different villages.
He is fair in complexion and I am almost of the same colour with him.
He is about three inches taller than me. My favorite food is beans and plantain and that’s his favorite food too. We also enjoy the same kind of country music. We have a lot in common, so needless to tell you that we love each other dearly.
He began the banking job two years before me and has been assisting me in the job in any way he could. He is a gentleman to the core and the pride of any woman. I have known him for about one year and five months and since this time we have only made love once. That only time I had to seduce him after several failed attempts, to ascertain if he is indeed a man.
All I dream of is my wedding day with this sweet guy, but he has never mentioned it to me.
He has never asked me for sex like other guys will do, yet he pampers me and gives me every caring attention. This attitude of his surprises me, but the most worrisome is that he comes to me as he wishes but won’t let me visit his house. I have quarreled with him times without number over this but he kept telling me that his mum lives with him and won’t allow me in his house. There are things about him that I don’t understand but the most troubling is this one.
Please, what do you advice me to do?

Dear Chummy,
It is wrong to lure a man that is not your husband to bed, simply for the reason of knowing if he is a man or not. You do not use a wrong method to achieve a good desire. Your attempts on seducing this guy to sleep with you may be his reason of keeping you away from knowing him completely. Do not attempt to seduce him again it is totally unacceptable and God frowns at it. If you must know this guy whom you are dying for, then you must have every true information about him.
It could be he is married and wouldn’t want to take you to his house for you to know this truth about him. You must not visit his house to know his marital status; you can do an underground work to know the truth.
If he loves you like you said, then there is no need hiding anything from you because it is obvious he is keeping some vital information from you.
Confront him with what he thinks and feels about you and his future plan about your relationship with him.
I feel you are throwing yourself at him and he sees you as a cheap girl.
I advise that you re-model yourself and shore up your integrity before him, stop opening your door at will for him, be polite and thorough, I bet you, you will know the whole truth about him.
Be wise.



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