I just wonder if all of us would act like these very special people, the Referees, I don’t know if this is a standard culture in the association, but in Owerri it has been like this.


When a member is wedding, no one borders to iron or wash the suits and whatever cloths people wear for weddings, all you have to do is wear your uniform that does it.

Oh I forgot they also come with their flags too. Imagine if they also come with a yellow and red card just in case they notice fowl play during the ceremony.

Yellow card when liquour is in short supply, and red card when you don’t see any to take at all. All these will go to the member that is wedding. Would there still be a provision for offside? Yeah for tose guys that move towards married women and ladies too, they do same to married men. In fact, the offside flag will be raised for anyone who crosses his/her boundary. (I never said this happens, but what if it happens)

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Just like other referees, Mr Uche Nwaegbe aka Egbe n’efefe, the secretary of the Referee’s Society in Owerri West Loca; Government Arae of Imo State wedded his long time sweetheart Uju in style in Owerri, and the pictures I have here might not really say everything about it, but it still shows the style and fun in being a referee…

Imagine if all associations should adopt this method, wearing their uniform to a colleagues wedding.

No one will attend a mechanics wedding, farmer mmhh… okay because of food, but if a stripper is wedding, haaaa people go full every where na…. Nurses go pull crowd oh, but if na Dana air hostess, ah ah ah… the sample we you see go tell you say, people go finish for house. lol

Congrats my man Uche, please don’t use any of your cards on Uju.