The veteran Nollywood actor/comedian/musician, Nkem Owoh aka Osuofia  yesterday expressed his heart felt pity for fat people in a tweet.

Although the tweet would simply be the words of the actor on a day he is being himself, but I wonder how many fat people that will rally take it as joke from the comedian.


The tweet which read:

Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia … Am scared for FAT people, they might not make HEAVEN because the Bible said “NARROW IS THE WAY…”

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After that Nkem Owoh went ahead to entertain his fans online by also tweeting:

Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia .. its easier 4 a man to pick up a 45-55 KG girl but 4 d same man its very hard to carry a 14KG cylinder! MORAL: interest in a Job matters!


Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia … Just Like MEND, I can’t wait for BOKO HARAM to open their own association like BEN – Bombing for Emancipation of Nigeria!!

I just wonder what has come overhim, isn’t BH supposed to be a matter of national security? or has it become a matter of National ridicule.

Osuofia carry go jari