Chinedu Hardy Nwadike spoke with the easy-going, Kingsley Okoro popularly known as Acharaman during one of his shows in Owerri, Imo state. He explains what makes him different from other artistes as well as the secret to his rising fame.


I’m Obinna Kingsley Okoro popularly known as Acharaman. I hail from Ahiazu Mbaise LGA of Imo State. And I’m a rap artiste.
I don’t usually talk about my education, but I’m a graduate of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri. I studied English and Literary Studies. I graduated in 2007 and  did my NYSC in 2008. At the moment, there’s  nothing like Masters degree on my mind, it’s just music all the way.
Love for English Language
It’s a language like Igbo and others.  It has really helped me to communicate effectively with people. English Language as a course of study has also helped in my music. I learnt a lot about poetry and rhymes and that knowledge has really helped me in my music and that is why they call me the best lyricist in town so far. My lecturers did a good job in teaching, while I also did  the best job of learning very well.
I never knew I was going to be a musician, I started by mimicking other musicians, and I can’t say how the spirit came upon me. But glory be to God I’m a musician now.
Role model
A whole lot of artistes influenced me, while growing up. Artistes like Nas, Jadakiss, Warran G, and others. But here in Nigeria, artistes like Rugged Man, Mod 9, and my big brother Ruff Coin Nwa Aba are my favorites.
How far with music
I’ll say I’ve gone far, and will still say that I’ve not gone far, because some of the people I started with are not at the same level with me now. Music is a global thing and until I make it to the global stage, I don’t see myself stopping. It’s a competition and I’ll keep doing my best.
How far can you go in the competition?
I put my creativity down, that’s the best I can do and the rest of it is for Jehovah.
How about charms and voodoo?
Jehovah owns me and nothing good can come without Him. I sing for fun and the fun brings fortune but the fact still remains that the fortune comes from God.
For albums, no. But I still have a couple of singles out there making waves. I have Ndumodu, Relax, and remix of Relax which I did with Ruff Coin Nwa Aba and 2shots, the CEO of Umunnamo Records. It’s crazy how things go in Nigeria, with artistes searching for marketers instead of the other way round, this has to change.
How long before the album
Jesus alone knows, I have up to 24 good tracks recorded, dropping gradually as singles and if a good business man willing to invest comes around tomorrow, you might see the album the next day. If the album eventually drops, people should expect nothing but good music with no vulgar word.
Journey with music
It’s been amazing being a musician, I’ve had handshakes with seven governors and currently I’m working with about 15 senators and other dignitaries. I walk into clubs without paying a dime and the preferential treatment I receive is also amazing.
Growth of the industry
The industry is moving like a hurricane and I thank God it’s happening in my time.  I’m in the new era where artistes want to do things differently and that has really helped. With artistes like Redloaf, Young Roc, Aifee, General Sleezy and others on the frontline we are moving forward.
Outside music, any other business?
Aside being a musician, I’m a musician and like brother Ruff Coin Nwa Aba will say “Onwegh Ihe ozu m na-aru, 24/7 brain ka m na-akpu, a na-ede a na-agu” it’s the same thing with me.
I love talking and I talk too much, I’m a kind of borrowed comedian and if not for music, I would have maintained that line. I watch wrestling,  I love football, Heartland FC of Owerri is my club, followed by Enyimba FC of Aba and outside Nigeria, I’ll give it to Juventus FC of Italy which my dad also supports.
It’s something you can’t totally run away from, if you don’t find them, they’ll surely find you. Someone recently tweeted that I was messing up with girls in a nightclub, but there’s no truth in that. They just want to bring you down, but Baba God is with me. For backup I’ll just be careful.
Music, fame money and women
No, no, no… It’s music, family and fame. My family is very important to me. As the first son of the family, I have to be a good leader or something will surely go wrong for us. I’m really careful with what I do. We should always remember who we are and forget about the fame, it means nothing. When a man dies, it’s six feet for everyone, so fame is vanity.
And for women, I have only one of them that I’m in love with and her name is music.
Support from family
My father whom I refer to as De Ebere Okoro is a wonderful man. De Ebere will always buy me the latest rap music in the market for me to listen to, fuels the generator for my rehearsals and as for my mum, she’s surely praying for me right now that I do well in this show tonight.
It’s a family of 8, and my only sister is married now so work it out mathematically.
House chores
I still do them up till this moment, I cook and do anything I can to help, that’s what family is all about.
To fans and Imo people
One love my people, be law abiding, abstain from crime and be God fearing. Do it God’s way, we’ll surely get there someday.

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