Nollywood star Mary Remmmy Njoku has issued a stark warning to women in Nigeria, urging them to be vigilant and avoid becoming victims in light of recent reports of women disappearing across the country.

Expressing frustration with societal attitudes towards victims, Njoku highlighted the harsh reality that women often face blame and criticism even in tragic circumstances.

In a poignant message shared on her Instagram story, the actress emphasized the harsh reality faced by women in Nigeria, stating unequivocally that even in death, blame is unfairly placed on the victim.


Her message resonated deeply with many Nigerians, sparking discussions on social media about the urgent need for societal change in how victims are perceived and treated.

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Njoku’s words underscored a broader call for empathy and accountability in Nigerian society, particularly in matters concerning the safety and well-being of women.

She called for a collective effort to shift attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate victim-blaming, emphasizing the importance of supporting and protecting women in all circumstances.

As a prominent figure in Nollywood, Njoku’s advocacy has drawn attention to the systemic issues affecting women’s safety and rights in Nigeria.


Her impassioned plea serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges women face and the imperative for societal reform to ensure justice and fairness for all.