Dr. Nonye Soludo, wife of the Anambra State Governor and founder of the Healthy Living Initiative, emphasized the profound impact of parental care in steering children away from vices and crime. Speaking during her heartwarming visit to the Model Community Children’s Home in Awka for the 2024 Children’s Day celebration on May 27, she highlighted the critical role parents play in nurturing their children.

Children’s Day, celebrated globally on May 27, is a time to honor children and reflect on the joys of childhood. Dr. Soludo marked the occasion by cooking and sharing meals with the children, showcasing her commitment to motherly love and care.

“Children need motherly love, care, and warmth,” Dr. Soludo stated. “We must celebrate our children every day to make them feel loved and valued. With adequate love and parental care, they can resist peer pressure and avoid the lure of crime and vices.”


Reflecting on her own upbringing, she shared, “My mother’s constant celebration of me kept me on the right path. Parents must speak positively to their children, offering them assurance and blessings rather than curses.”

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Dr. Soludo also urged children to remain focused and heed their parents’ guidance, especially in the challenging era of social media. “Social media can be deceptive and misleading. Trust your parents for the truth and guidance, and the sky will be your limit,” she advised.

Rev. Sister Philomena Akuchukwu, Coordinator of the Model Community Children’s Home, praised Dr. Soludo’s unwavering support. “Since you came into office, you visit us monthly, bringing food and drinks, paying school fees, and knowing each child personally. Your motherly care is unmatched. May God bless and protect you,” she said.

Dr. Soludo’s visit and heartfelt message underscore the power of parental love in shaping the future of children, urging parents to make daily efforts in nurturing and celebrating their young ones.