A hunting trip ended in tragedy on May 28, 2024, when a hunter, Sunday Ijiola, was accidentally shot dead by his colleague, Atanda Agbobiado, in a forest near Pakoyi, Owode Ketu, Yewa North Area of Ogun State.

The incident occurred during a hunting expedition involving fifteen hunters who ventured into the forest to pursue game. The group had split up to better corner their prey, a large deer spotted in the area.

According to police sources, Ijiola, 43, was mistaken for the deer they were tracking. As the hunters attempted to strategically surround the animal, Agbobiado fired the fatal shot, believing he was targeting the deer.


Excitement turned to horror as the hunters approached their supposed target, only to discover that Ijiola had been hit. Despite efforts to transport him to a hospital, Ijiola succumbed to his injuries en route.

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Following the realization of the fatal mistake, Agbobiado reportedly fled the scene. The incident was reported to the Eggua Police Division by the grieving family of the deceased.

Ogun Police Command spokesperson, Omolola Odutola, confirmed the incident and stated that an investigation had been launched. “Our operatives have visited the scene and documented evidence. Efforts are ongoing to locate the fleeing suspect,” she said.

The victim’s family has requested an autopsy and the release of the body for traditional rites. The case has been transferred to the state criminal investigation department for further inquiry. This incident echoes a similar accidental shooting among hunters in Odeda district last year, highlighting ongoing safety concerns in local hunting practices.