In the quiet town of Obingwu, Ukwa West, Abia State, tragedy struck when a three-storey building under construction came crashing down. Five workers, toiling on the site, were buried under the rubble and their bodies were later recovered by rescuers, leaving the community reeling from the shock.

The locals stood in somber silence as the rescue teams worked tirelessly to retrieve the deceased. Among them were several West African nationals who had journeyed far in search of work. The grief-stricken community mourned the loss of these lives, wondering how such a catastrophe could have happened.

Rumors quickly spread, pointing to the use of substandard materials as the likely culprit behind the collapse. Residents expressed anger and frustration, alleging that corners had been cut in the building’s construction. “It’s heartbreaking to see this happen because of greed,” one witness said.

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Attempts to get a response from the Abia State Ministry of Lands and Housing have so far been unsuccessful. The silence from the authorities has only deepened the community’s anguish, as they demand answers and assurance that such a tragedy won’t repeat itself.

Meanwhile, the Abia State Police Command has remained quiet, leaving many questions unanswered. As night fell over the debris, Obingwu was left to grapple with the devastating loss, hoping for accountability and swift justice for those who perished.