In a move to take made in Nigeria automobile products to the global market, The Buy Made in Nigeria Project Office Abuja has announced the Buy Made in Nigeria Cars Expo and Exhibition and World Automobile and Automotive Expo slated for FCT Abuja later this year and Japan in January 2025 respectively. 

The events are part of the Expos and Exhibitions spearheaded by The Buy Made in Nigeria Project Office Abuja  to bring global markets to Nigeria made products and services.

Speaking on the significance of showcasing Nigeria’s automotive prowess on a global stage, Nwabueze Buchi George, National Coordinator and Executive Director of the organization,  said that promoting domestically produced goods, will catalyze economic growth and enhance Nigeria’s presence in the global marketplace.


“This is a pivotal moment for Nigeria’s automotive sector,” remarked Buchi George, emphasizing the project’s aim to position Nigerian-made products on the international map. “Through initiatives like the Buy Made in Nigeria Project, we are not just promoting local businesses but also fostering economic growth and development that align with global standards.”

He further stated that Innoson Motors, a prominent player in Nigeria’s automotive industry, will be leading the Nigerian delegation at the event slated for Abuja and Japan.

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The recognition of Innoson Motors to lead the Nigerian delegation shows the company’s role as a torchbearer for the nation’s automotive prowess, according Buch George who also said that they appreciate the compliance of other companies in partnering to achieve the great feat. 

He also said that Buy Made in Nigeria Cars Expo and Exhibition is a partnership program between Buy Made in Nigeria Project Office Abuja and the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation OSGF.  The event will also be hosted in East Africa countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.


They have previously set up a committee made of partnering agencies charged with the task of achieving the goals of the event. They will come up with a suitable date for the Abuja version of the event, while the Tokyo Japan version will be held on January  22-24  2025.

Buchi George said that Tokyo is the heart of global automobile business and taking the event there would inspire the kind of partnership that catalyzes rapid development in the industry.