Renowned singer Yemi Alade has voiced her concern over the deteriorating economic conditions in Nigeria, highlighting the soaring fuel prices, electricity tariffs, and the overall high cost of living.

In a candid social media post, the ‘Johnny’ crooner criticized Nigerians for engaging in social media battles between celebrities instead of holding the government accountable for addressing pressing issues affecting citizens’ lives.

Yemi Alade drew attention to the significant challenges facing the nation, including skyrocketing inflation, unfavorable exchange rates, and harsh weather conditions, emphasizing the need for collective action to demand better governance and economic policies.

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Her remarks underscore the importance of directing attention towards meaningful societal issues and advocating for tangible solutions rather than being distracted by trivial disputes. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Alade’s call for prioritizing government accountability resonates with many who seek positive change in Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape.