Blessing Okoro, known as Blessing CEO, asserted her disciplined lifestyle in contrast to her online persona during an interview with Saturday Beats. The self-proclaimed relationship expert emphasized that she refrains from habits like smoking and drinking, values instilled by her father.

Addressing her ongoing feud with Martin Otse, also known as Verydarkman (VDM), Okoro clarified that while she harbors no personal grudge against him, she has taken a stand against his continuous insults towards her. She stated, “VDM has been insulting me for months, but I’ve decided enough is enough. If he provokes me, I will retaliate. However, I won’t respond in the expected manner. If VDM dares me, I will confront him, akin to David confronting Goliath. It’s not about physical strength.”

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Regarding her personal life, Okoro mentioned that fame has led her to become more selective about the people she associates with and prefers intellectual and productive individuals. She also noted that fame has prompted her to maintain a more private lifestyle lately.