Federal Capital Territory Police Commissioner Ben Igweh has assured that journalist Daniel Ojukwu, detained by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), will soon be released.

Igweh made this announcement during a protest at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, stating that the Force Management Team has reviewed Ojukwu’s case and decided on his release. However, Igweh did not specify the exact release date.

While addressing journalists, Igweh emphasized that journalists are not immune to arrest and prosecution if they violate the law. He stated that journalists who commit serious offenses will be treated like any other citizen. Despite the ongoing protests against Ojukwu’s detention, Igweh reassured that the journalist will be released soon.

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Various civil society organizations (CSOs), including Accountability Lab Nigeria and Media Rights Agenda, have condemned Ojukwu’s arrest and demanded his immediate release.

They expressed concerns about the growing attacks on press freedom and the misuse of laws to silence dissenting voices. Ojukwu’s case is seen as part of a worrying trend of harassment against journalists and civic actors who criticize the government. The CSOs called for upholding democratic norms and respecting human rights in Nigeria.