Nollywood movie producer, Ogechi Patience Eze popularly known as Touch of Excellence, has said that when a woman is good at her job, gender becomes irrelevant. 

Ogechi who started her journey in the industry as a makeup artist said that she has always worked hard to be the best wherever she is so that no one will remind her she is a woman.

She said that most people create ceilines for women in the industry, always thinking women cannot exceed certain levels.


“I always worked extra to be good at my job. It was just what made Touch of Excellence popular. I didn’t even give myself the name, but people started calling me that when they saw how much effort I put in to make the least detail perfect”

“When you embrace how good you are and keep working towards being better, you have to enjoy every moment that comes with it and that is how Touch of Excellence came to be, from a makeup artist, I am now a movie producer”, she said.

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She said that the journey was never easy, but the key thing was to believe and also have the right people around her.

Ogechi, who is a manager in Bold Line Entertainment, a movie production company, said that nothing beats working with a great team that looks after you and your ambitions.


“When the people around you are not in competition with you, there is absolutely no limit to what you will be achieving”

“A good team is like pixie dust, they make you fly and you don’t even remember if you are male or female, you just go on achieving things without limits”, she said.

Ogechi Patience Eze has films like Expensive Fake life; When he loves;  Never again;  Pandora’s Box amongst others are to her credit as a producer.