The Major Energy Marketers Association of Nigeria (MEMAN) has taken steps to address the widespread petrol shortage in the country by initiating a process of petrol exchange.

Clement Isong, the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary of MEMAN, revealed this in a statement.

“We are exchanging petrol among ourselves to eliminate the queues. Since last Sunday, significant progress has been made to eradicate the queues as quickly as possible,” Isong stated.


“Many of our members have been actively lifting the product. We have also established an arrangement allowing those without the product to borrow from those who have it.

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“With this cooperation among our members, everyone now has access to the product for distribution across Nigeria. We are working diligently every day to end this shortage,” the statement added.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) previously indicated that the petrol scarcity might persist for another two weeks.

IPMAN’s Public Relations Officer, Chinedu Ukadike, made this statement on Sunday, attributing the scarcity to challenges in sourcing the product due to maintenance activities at refineries in Europe.


He emphasized that the product is currently scarce nationwide, affecting many states.