In Kenya’s north-eastern region of Madogo, a tragic incident occurred as a boat carrying an unspecified number of passengers capsized amidst floods. The passengers were en route from Kona Punda to Garissa town when the boat overturned on Sunday evening. While Senator Ali Roba of Mandera county reported 28 fatalities, authorities have yet to confirm the death toll.

Rescue efforts have resulted in the retrieval of approximately 23 survivors, who are currently receiving medical attention at a local hospital, according to the Kenya Red Cross. The exact number of passengers aboard remains unclear, but the Red Cross noted that the boat was carrying a “large number of people.”

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Police, alongside rescue teams, are actively engaged in the search for missing individuals. The flooding, attributed to dams upstream overflowing, has intensified the challenges faced by residents in the area. The incident underscores the perilous conditions exacerbated by the seasonal floods, heightening the urgency for enhanced disaster preparedness and response measures.


As the search for missing victims continues, authorities and humanitarian organizations are mobilizing resources to provide assistance to affected communities. The devastating event serves as a somber reminder of the vulnerability of populations residing in flood-prone regions, necessitating concerted efforts to mitigate future risks and safeguard lives.