Kenya’s Mai Mahiu area, located north of the capital Nairobi, has been struck by tragedy as a dam burst its banks, resulting in numerous fatalities, according to the Kenya Red Cross. Local Governor Susan Kihika, speaking to AFP news agency, confirmed the deaths, cautioning that the reported number is provisional. 

The catastrophe unfolded in Kamuchiri village, where raging waters swept away homes and vehicles in the wake of relentless heavy rains that have battered various regions of the country.

Rescue operations are underway, with teams tirelessly sifting through mud and debris in search of survivors. Local media reports warn of a potential significant increase in the death toll as efforts continue. The disaster has also led to the blockage of the major road linking Nairobi to Mai Mahiu, with massive rocks, mud, and logs obstructing the area.

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Earlier reports from the Kenya Red Cross indicated that numerous individuals were taken to health facilities in Mai Mahiu due to flash flooding. These latest casualties add to the grim toll of over 100 deaths attributed to heavy rains and flooding across the country since the previous month.