Nigerian wheelchair tennis player, Williams Terlumun Ukari has raised the alarm over his safety.

Terlumun, who has won medals for the country in international competitions alleged that some unknown persons have on several occasions made attempts on his life, and each time he has miraculously survived the attacks.

A two-time silver medalist at the 2010 Nairobi World Team Cup Africa qualifiers and 2021 World Team Cup qualifiers, Terlumun said that to the best of his knowledge, he has not offended anyone and doesn’t know why some people want to eliminate him.


The 30-year- special athlete from Benue State, North Central of Nigeria; epic centre of banditry and herdsmen attacks revealed that his ordeal started after the demise of his mother in 2018 which forced him to relocate to Lagos where he developed interest in wheelchair tennis and began to make a living for himself through the sports.

Despite relocating to Lagos, Terlumun said that the attempts on his life have not ceased as recently he survived a hit-and-run vehicle in Lagos and also an attack in Benue during his recent visit to the state.

Terlumun, who comes from a polygamous family confessed that he fears for his life, having seen his sibling die mysteriously.

“In the year 2018, December 5th to be precise, unknown gunmen attacked my village in Vandeikya Local Government Area and killed my mother ;two months after my mother’s burial they attacked again and killed my elder brother. So when they killed my elder brother, I had no choice but to run for my dear life which made me relocate to Lagos while in Lagos I started playing wheelchair tennis because of my disability.

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“In Lagos too I escaped hit and run vehicle two times and I was not comfortable.I went to Benue state. Last year December and was attacked physically by unknown men who tried to hit and run me over with a tinted car without a plate number.

“I don’t know why they want to eliminate my entire family. Honestly, my life is in danger,” Terlumun cries out,” he stated.

Speaking on his dream for wheelchair tennis, Terlumun, who represented Nigeria at the 2023 All Africa Para Games in Ghana said he wants to play at the biggest stage of the sports.

“My target is to play at the highest level in wheelchair tennis which is the Grand Slam and the Olympics. I want to be at the Olympics that’s why I keep working hard and I believe with my hard work, one day it will come through,” he added.