Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo who has now come to be known as Adakirikiri was born in a family of talented individuals.

She did not disappoint while growing up as little as about 8 years old, she already had her Facebook and Instagram page.

At that point, she was known as ‘Adult Baby’, as she was smart enough to join in some conversations some adults would shy away from. She was that smart in all angles of her life.


With so many episodes done for ‘Adult Baby’, her family realized she was made for something bigger and next call would be the movie industry.

She was involved in a number of projects until a series with Nollywood Comedian Anokwute Longinus popularly known as Chief Imo, where she starred as his daughter ‘Adakirikiri’.

‘Adakirikiri’ became her breakthrough name and just like a number of Nollywood stars, she would now be known by that.

Moving away from the comedy of ‘Adakirikiri’, she went on to do movies like  The Good Doctor; Ziora; Identical Difference; A Piece of Me; Tales of Nmasi; and over a hundred others.

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That name gave birth to Adakirikiri TV/Studios, a company and platform where her works can be seen. She is also one of the talents managed by Boldline Entertainment.

Aside from being a student and an actress, Uchechi is also a gospel singer with songs like ‘One With God’; ‘Obiliwo’, ‘Okeosisi’; ‘Chukwu Onye Obioma’, amongst others to her name. 

Uchechi is one of the biggest teen stars in Nigeria at the moment with lots of inquiries on her featuring in movies in other African countries and beyond.

She has been a huge inspiration to other children and teenagers as a number of them want to join the industry to replicate the success she has seen.



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