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What Nollywood Director Prince Uche Adiele Wished For On His Birthday

Movie director Prince Uche Adiele popularly known as  Harmony has said that one of his greatest wishes is to be part of the success story that will make Nollywood the best in the world.

Speaking ahead of his birthday on October 27, 2021, the talented movie director said that as a practitioner in the industry, one is always looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the best in the world.

He said that with recent technologies, the world has been made small and can be anything anyone wants it to be.


“For me, the world is the entire globe and I want to reach as many people as possible through my work”

“The industry gets complicated at times, and at this level, we are matching it with equal power”, the former interim Chairman of Imo State chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria said.

Speaking further in a chat with OtownGist, he said that everyone aims at being the best, but it is different for him as he wants to be among the people that will change the story of Nollywood in time to come.

He added that he wants to be a fantastic director and just the best in what he does, but what is more important to him is making sure the industry he is in will be great and compete with the best around the world.


“You don’t just want to be tagged the best because you make a million movies in a year, you want to be the best because you make a million great movies”

“I want to make great films, I want to do spectacular things and it has already started. I want to keep pushing until I am in a place where a little push will shake the global industry”, he said.

Prince Uche Adiele who is the Chief Executive Officer of Harmony Theatre Production is presently the Chief Task force Officer of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Imo State chapter.

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