One time secular artiste turned gospel singer, Chidinma Ekile, has shared the encounter that led her to abandoning worldly music and shows.

In a recent interview, Ms Ekile said, “I had always known that someday I would do gospel music, because it is something I have had interest in for a long time. I became a chorister at a young age, so I have been involved with gospel music for a long time. I did not know when exactly it would happen, but I knew would definitely happen.

The experience has been absolutely beautiful. Initially, I was skeptical about the experience I would have, but being here right now, I don’t think I would want to have it another way. I have always known that I am a covenant child. My gift is primarily for God’s glory, and I have always wanted to work for Him. I was just waiting for the right time, and I think that time is now.


I had my convictions. I actually had a personal encounter with Jesus. I had always known about Jesus, but I experienced him myself, so it became a matter of a personal experience and conviction.”

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Asked the reaction of her family and other loved ones when she decided to switch to gospel music, she said’ “My family has always wanted me to do this. They are very excited, and I have enjoyed the full support of everyone.”

Some people are of the opinion that one can’t have as huge a fan base as a gospel singer unlike as a secular artiste.

For Chidinma Ekile what matters for her most is preaching the gospel.


Hear her: “Having a huge fan base is not as important has having peace of mind. The kind of peace I have had since I made the switch cannot be bought with money. My fulfillment and peace of mind are more important to me. Besides, everyone needs God. The world needs Jesus, and I am more concerned about the souls of men who need to hear about the love of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. That is my priority now.”