Veteran Nollywood actor, Pat Attah, has recounted his experience with gay producers/makerters in the Nigerian movie industry.

The Germany-based thespian said he had been approached by gay filmmakers twice.

He disclosed this in a recent interview with MecksoncrownBTV.


Attah said, “Yes [I’ve been approached by gay filmmakers]. That was longtime ago. I actually don’t remembers that guy’s name. I don’t even know if he is still alive or dead. I remember, sometime ago, I was shooting a movie in the east and this guy kind of approached me. And made offers and everything. I told him, ‘Sorry bro, I’m straight.”

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He said a gay film marketer also called him after he relocated to Germany that he wants them to “spend time together” when he comes to the European country to buy filming equipments but he turned down the offer.

The actor said he had nothing against gays but maintained that he is “straight.”