Daniel Bwala, a media aide to the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has begged President Bola Tinubu to avoid the militarization of diplomacy in the Niger Republic.

Bwala warned that engaging the Niger Republic in a war would lead to predictable consequences.

This was as Bwala noted that Russia and NATO would be at the benefitting end if ECOWAS engaged the Niger Republic in a proxy war.


Tweeting, the constitutional lawyer said Russia and other foreign nations would invade Africa to exploit their oil and natural resources.

According to Bwala: “This proxy war that ECOWAS wants to go into will be for the benefit of Russia and NATO. Totally avoidable; Why allow the West to use African soil as the battleground for the scramble for Africa’s natural resources?

“At the moment, they buy our resources because under the international convention on war and peace they have no right to invade any of Africa’s territory without invitation; but during the war, they can, based on the various agreements they have with ECOWAS member states which led to the presence of their military bases in various African countries in the first place.

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“Soon as the conflict start, they take over oil fields and ancillaries where they would pretend to recover the money for either their supplies of arms or active war assistance.


“Once the conflicts start they would ensure the war in Africa escalates and take hydra-headed dimensions. Once the war starts there would be no development, active trade activities and above all peace. I humbly beg President Tinubu to avoid the militarization of diplomacy in other to avoid predictable consequences.”