Thousands of Muslims in the Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State have held a special prayer for rainfall.

Hong LGA lies in the northern part of Adamawa State where rain has been scarce since the onset of the rainy season.

The relative dryness in a supposedly wet season appears, however, to be the reality in the whole of Adamawa State as residents of the state capital, Yola, have been complaining of heat akin to that which may be expected in the normally hot months of March through May.

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Seeking to achieve steady rainfall around their community, the Muslims in Hong on Saturday gathered in an open space at the council headquarters in Hong town and offered Salatul Istiqaโ€™a, a special prayer for rain.

The prayer was led by the Deputy Chief Imam of Hong Central Mosque, Saโ€™idu Garba, with the District Head of Hong, Umar Mahmoud in attendance.

Saโ€™idu Garba prayed for sufficient rain for farmers to obtain bumper harvest, and asked God to end the hardship that Nigerians face everywhere they live across the country.