Ireti Kinigbe Reveals How The Obidient Movement Helped Her Emerge Winner

Senator-elect of the Federal Capital Territory, Ireti Kinigbe, has disclosed that the Obidient movement played a huge role in her victory. Kinigbe, a Nigerian civil engineer and politician, was elected member of the senate representing the FCT in the 2023 Nigerian elections under the Labour party. Speaking on Arise TV, Kinigbe said the Obidient movement as well as the political consciousness of women to elect a female representative all contributed to her win.

She said: “No doubt, the Obidient movement helped me to win. All of it helped me to win.” She added that her win “is a combination of many factors.”

“Abuja was completely Obidient from the beginning. And I must say that the Obidient movement also came to look for me to be their senatorial candidate. So, I must have reflected some of their ideals or they won’t have done so. “Oh, I believe in the movement and I think Nigeria needs it.

“Now whether we can achieve everything in 2023, that needs to be seen, but that is a movement and one that will continue and one that I intend to build and continue to build in the FCT, there’s no doubt about that,” she added.

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