‘Tinubu Might Not Win Lagos State Due To New Numbers Of Registered Voters’ – Abiodun Dabiri

In an interview with News Central, Abiodun Abubakar Dabiri, the Labour Party candidate for the Lagos State Central senatorial district, claimed that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressive Congress presidential candidate, had lost control of the state of Lagos. Even though Lagos State seems to be Asiwaju’s stronghold, Dabiri said he might yet lose in his own backyard thanks to the influx of fresh voters.

He broke out the numbers showing how the APC only received 700,000 votes out of a total of 5 million voters in the 2019 election. Many millions of individuals, he said, could have swayed the election’s outcome had they cast ballots that day. He claimed that the arrival of 2.5 million additional voters in Lagos will be a decisive factor in the upcoming poll.

“Since the 2019 election in Lagos, a lot of things have changed,” he remarked. Because of the increase in the number of eligible voters, I think it’s possible that Tinubu may lose Lagos state in this election. Over 4 and a half million provisional ballots were cast in the 2019 election. In what percentage of the vote did the APC triumph? They won with 700,000 votes against the opposition’s 300,000.

It amounts to less than 10% of the total PVC supply. While the total number of PVCs at the time might have swayed the election’s outcome, we currently have two million more of them in Lagos. Asiwaju is aware that he does not have a lock on the state of Lagos.

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