I have noticed peer jealousy among the youths in Imo – Nze duru kizito queries


You will visit a bar to unwind, praying to meet a fellow comrade so you drink and discuss sociopolitical issues.

Then God grants your desire a comrade walks in and joins your table.

Then discussion ensued but not social or political issues as you had wanted


Comrade would rather discuss his fellow youths.

How Mr A and B refused to pick his call when Ihedioha was the governor.

And how he wished this and that politician ill luck for the behavior of one of their aides.

Then comrade will tell you that a certain youth’s life revolves around a certain politician who pays his rent for his duplex and even married for him.


Comrade will proceed to tell you that Ihedioha will not return, nor because he’s a bad man, but because he wants that youth that was his aide in Government House who refused to picked his call to remind in trenches with him.

But deep down comrade, he wishes to have the capacity of the youths he’s maligning but since he doesn’t, he resort to penis envy and jealousy.

Comrade would then shake me and leave, expecting me to pay the bills untop the rubbish he filled my ears with.

Ndị mmadụ self.

The sky is too large to accommodate all the birds. Dey your lane. Envy no one. Work and focus on your work, your blessing will come.

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