The Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo has cautioned citizens and eligible voters in the country to vote wisely and avoid the mistakes made in 2015 and 2019.

He made the call at Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, Sagbama, during the second session of the fifth synod of the Western Izon Diocese of the Anglican Communion.

Senator Ewhrudjakpo emphasized that failure to vote wisely in the upcoming general elections would spell greater doom in every sphere of national life.


The Deputy Governor said instead of wasting time engaging in unnecessary debates, churches should sensitize their members to vote for the party that will promote the unity, security and economic wellbeing of the country.

He insisted that repeating the mistakes of the past was tantamount to madness caused by the proverbial dog biting the same person a second time.

He cautioned Christians against what he called “sleeping on duty”, and charged the body of Christ in the country to wake up from its slumber and begin to interrogate issues in such a way that will promote the common good.

Making a reference to the fate that befell the Church in Turkey, he said Christians in Nigeria could not afford to remain docile in the face of current realities but rather, take action in doing the right things they are called out for in society.


His words, “I am not here to campaign, but the truth is that the mistakes we made in 2015 and 2019, if we make those mistakes again, then we are going to behave like a man who a dog bit twice.

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“When a dog bites you once, that dog must be mad; but if the same dog bites you a second time, then probably it is you that is mad because you should have taken caution.

“Are we not sleeping on our duty as Christians? Let the church interrogate itself. The church is too docile and distracted.”

In his Charge, the Bishop of Diocese of Western Izon, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Right Reverend Victor Ebipade Okporu, underscored the need for both the church and the nation to seek divine help from the Almighty God for a positive turnaround in the country.

The Bishop decried the worrisome state of the nation, citing the issues of insecurity, failing economy, rising public debt and decadence in the education sector.


He maintained that it was time the church came together in unity to seek God’s face for the country.

The Synod of the Western Izon Diocese, with the theme: “Help From God”, had in attendance several men of God including the Archbishop of Bendel Province, the Most Reverend Cyril Odutemu and the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Izon, Right Rev. Funkuro Amgbare.