“I wish all Nigerian/African comedians can gather and do a massive fundraising for Asari Dokubo and appreciate him” Nigerian Businessman Franklin

A Nigerian businessman Franklin Awuzie has advised Nigerian comedians to pay Asari Dokubo a courtesy visit and also raise funds to appreciate him, for giving them contents for their comedy skits.

It is of importance to note that Asari Dokubo is a politician who did a video at a point to bash other Nigerian politicians as he aired his grievances on happenings in the country.

In the video which went viral some years back, Asari Dokubo used some choice of words like “you are a mumu man,” our mumu no too much?,” “they never leave you” and the likes to drive home his point.

Comedians are seen using those as soundtracks for their comedy skits.

Franklin stated that Asari has made many comedians as they use his voice without his consent.

“ This is Asari Dokubo, The man with the 70 years old Man Voice behind every Comedy skit in Nigeria and Africa at large. Whether you like it or not, This man has made most comedy skits successful in Africa. Without his lending voice, most comedians won’t be successful”

He further stated that Nigerian comedians should gather and do massive fundraising for Asari to appreciate him.

“I wish all Nigerian/African comedians can gather and do massive fundraising for Asari and appreciate him. They have used his voice even without his consent which can be sue-able in court but he ignored all of them. Almost all his words in this particular video are being used in every Nigerian comedy skit and beyond. We should appreciate him because he helped them and enhanced the comedy industry”

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