Bad people wanting to have good children, a Facebook user fires

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike an Owerri based Media,Tech. and content creation expert has taken to his Facebook page to write on the trending issue of kids growing bad at a tender age.

Chinedu in his post highlighted the reasons why society is the way it is today, with kids joining in the dilemma.

“See eeh, these days we have the same music with kids, same social media, same data plan, same phone, same dance, same movies, same trends, same dress code, absolutely same everything”


He further wrote that Children learn these societally and morally unaccepted behaviors because the adults do it in their presence.

He emphasized that kids are the way they are because adults care less about them and without stress carry out the activities considered bad or immoral in their presence.

“Now you’re wondering why kids learn what you consider bad things easily. It’s because you do it in their presence. It is because no adult cares about not doing things in presence of children. Most times people film their daughters, twerking and I’ll just be laughing. What’s twerking in the first place? You get the point now ☺☺☺It is now so bad that the only time your child can be anything you want them to be is if you use the Rapunzel strategy”

He put it to adults who are around children to be good before expecting good children around them.


pointing out that one can`t give what they don`t have, according to him, bad people are wanting to have good children.

“But wait oooh. Before we complain that children are learning bad things easily and are not good like their parents, let me ask. Are sugar daddies good people? Are sugar mummies good people? Yahoo Boys and Girls are they good people? Politicians nkọ, good people? I no want mention preachers, because they are human. But are they good people? Civil servants nkọ, are there in any way plenty good people there? Me sef, am I good people abi person? Bad people wanting to have good children”

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Credit : Facebook/ Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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