Fighting and making up ASAP not an abusive relationship,Nigeria man speaks


A social media user has taken to his page to say husbands and wives who fight often but reconcile ASAP can`t be said to be in an abusive relationship.

In the video posted on his Facebook page,he asked if such act can be classified as domestic violence and placed a 10k reward for the best answer.

In reply to his post in his comment section,he said he can`t classify such act as domestic violence given the fact that the make up ASAP.


“To me, it’s not an abusive relationship, most of your parents went through this , but they live happily now without issues or they now understand better how to calm themselves down. Swear your mama and papa no fight😂😂

Meanwhile another Facebook user who replied to his video said once a man raises his hand on a woman,no matter how often it is actually domestic violence.

“Yes, it is an abusive relationship/ marriage, Marriage they say, has its own ups and downs, but once it exceeds scolding each other and graduates into fighting, fisting and drilling no matter how often it comes, it is termed abusive and toxic”

“Once you’ve raised your hand on your partner/spouse or even inflicting injuries on them at the cause of beating them up, then there’s no other better word to describe that relationship/marriage than ABUSIVE”


However,another user replying on the comment section has this to say,

“You aren’t in an abusive relationship, abusive relationship has no atom of peace engaged to it . Like you said after the fight you guys still recognize and peace comes in”

“Abusive relationship is one that cut peace away from your soul and makes you feel less of yourself and from what you said it isn’t a feeling of less of one’s self”

“Their is always a fight in 90 percent of marriage but that doesn’t mean those marriage are abusive”

“Abusive home or relationship takes away internal joy from you and makes you feel less of a human”


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