Prof Philip Njemanze has statd that Igbos were the original inhabitants of Egypt in his new book. titled “Igbo Mediators Of Yahweh Culture of Life, Vol 1V, Part 1”.

In a brief review of the book made available to INNONEWS, Njemanze noted that “This Book: Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life: volume IV, Exodus, Part 1, is the first accurate account of the path of the Exodus based on genetic, enthnolinguistic, paleoanthropologic and archeological scientific proof. The book builds on the theme of the book series: Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life, that the Igbo are the Chosen People of God, the true Israelites (Igbo language: ḷ zara Eli, meaning ‘you answered the Most High’).

“The question of who are the true Ancient Israelites has been settled with the science of population genetics. It has been shown conclusively that, the Igbo have L1 gene which is the Semite gene of Ancient Israelites. Human origins are traced through matrilineal genes, starting with the Eve gene called superhaplogroup L0. The three women who were theoretically wives of Shem, Ham and Japheth were L1, L2, and L3 haplogroups, respectively.

“These genes are called Nilotic genes because of their origins along the Nile (Igbo language: mmiri niile, meaning ‘all the waters’). The Igbo were the original inhabitants of ancient Egypt (Igbo language: a gọ Ya, a pa atụ, meaning ‘prays to God and carries out His instructions’), and were the Dynastic Pharaohs (Igbo language: e fere ọha, meaning ‘your worship of the people’).

“The Igbo were the earlier inhabitants of Nubia (Owere dialect Igbo language: anị ibo, meaning ‘the land of the mediators’, as priests that mediate between God and humanity for the remission of sin). The Igbo that speak the Owere dialect lived Nubia or Lower Egypt while those that speak the Ọnịtcha dialect lived in Upper Egypt.

The Igbo Egyptians were conquered by the Turkic and ancestors of Arabs, and then enslaved in their own land, as Hebrews (Igbo language: ọha e bu ụrụ ụwa, meaning ‘the people who bear the wickedness of the world’). On the way to the Promised Land of Canaan (Igbo language: oke Nna, meaning ‘the allotment of the Father’), they were formally ordained a nation of priests by God and called Igbo (Ọnịtcha dialect Igbo language: i gbo, meaning ‘priests or mediators’ between God and humanity for the remission of sin).

The Igbo gene haplogroup is L1 dating 150,000 to 240,000 years. The L2 are genes of the people of Black Southern Sudan region, which dates 100,000 to 150,000 years; and L3 dates 70,000 to 100,000 years and comprise all other black people. The genes of the white people are M and N, and are mutations of L3, that dates back 6,000 to 12,000 years.

The locations of the sites from Egypt across Lake Chad (Igbo language: Chi e du, meaning ‘Almighty God leads’), Niger (Igbo language: anị agara, meaning ‘the lands we passed through’), Cameroon (Igbo language: ọkụ a mịịrị ana, meaning ‘the fire that was lit in the ground – Pillar of Fire’) and finally Nigeria (Igbo language: Nga Orie, meaning ‘the place of Almighty God’) are to this day preserved in several caves in National parks.

The book reveals the burial place of Moses (Igbo language: ọma isi ọsa, meaning ‘the anointed head of the people’) at Yankari (iyi ana ọkụ arịa, meaning ‘land stream with hot funnels’) National Park in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The Great Secrets of World Civilization have been revealed in this Book. Read it!


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