A popular intimate talk show called with chude had ada ameh a nollywood actress and who recently lost her daughter, on the show she talked about her teenage pregnacy,pain of loosing her daughter, love and healing

she said;

“I became a mother at 14, I got pregnant that same year. As a matter of fact, I got pregnant in March and I had my baby in December of the same year, that means I got pregnant when I was 13 plus.

“Sometimes when we over show love and pampering, sometimes we make mistakes. What does a 15 year old child know? The most beautiful part was that in my 15th birthday, my baby was barely 5 months old. I was marched out of the barracks and told never to return, my dad told the security person whom they call century, to not allow me in.

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“My dad said that he was done with me, so at 15 I got my independence.”

when pain comes, when loss comes, when tragedy comes, when it hits, that recovery and healing are possible, but they take time.

It’s a process. You can’t dodge the process, you can’t hide from the process. And all the drugs that we take, sex alchohol, nicotine, all those things that we take can’t help us shorten the process.

When pain comes, when trauma comes, when hurt comes, it’s our job to embrace the process. You can’t short circuit it, you have to go through it, you have to work through it, you have to embrace it. That is the way of the world.