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Nigeria @ 61: Unity and Collaboration Will Change Our Future – Buchi George

Trade and investment guru, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has said that Nigeria needs more unity and collaboration to become the future of the world.

Reacting to Nigeria’s 621st Independence, Hon. Buchi George said that in the face of challenges in the country, a lot will change if Nigerians can come together.

Having made a name in the running and promotion of trade and investment; housing and Real Estate; transportation and logistics; agriculture and diverse areas of business, he said that beyond unity, Nigeria needs both internal and external collaborations to change the present narrative facing the country.


“Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges and whether we believe it or not, they are distracting us from being the great nation and giant of Africa we are meant to be”

“These challenges are still here because we presently lack the level of unity needed to build a great nation. We can get better if we come together to agree that we are truly one and that is the only time the manifestation of our greatness will begin”, he said.

Buchi George who is the president of Trade Nigeria and Global Chambers of Commerce and Industry further stated that with trust and unity restored, the next would be collaboration within states and other countries of the world.

 He cited Nigeria – South Korea Trade and Business Forum as one of those collaborative moves by his organizations, adding that despite putting unity first, he still believes the collaborative efforts can be going on while the foundation is being made better.


“We will not wait. We are already working to make this nation great with numerous programs”

“Nigeria – South Korea Trade and Business Forum is a B2B, B2C meeting with factory and industry visits. The event is designed to cover multiple sectors and our goal is to bring home special strategies that built these other countries”

“We want to collaborate with them in an industrial revolution that will change the face and history of Nigeria”, he added.

The event is billed for 22nd to 25th of October 2021.