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Izombe Mayhem: Leave Goodluck Opia Alone

By Samuelson Iwuoha

Enemies And Haters Are The Ones Gathering. Enemies And Haters Are Also The Ones Spreading The Hate News. Enemies And Haters Are The Ones Making Phantom Allegations. Enemies And Haters Are The Ones Fabricating Lies. Enemies And Haters Are The Ones Hell-bent On Making Imo Ungovernable, And Taking The State Backwards To The Days Of Darkness, Disunity And Destruction.

Only You, And I Say A Big Shame To You People.


Imo State Is Presently Mourning The Destruction Of Lives And Properties In Izombe Community Of Oguta Local Government Area, Occasioned By Conflict Between Soldiers And Some Youths Who Are Believed To Be Involved In Banditry And Oil Bunkering Business.

As Should Be Expected, His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, Who Was In Far Away Abuja When The Crisis Erupted In Izombe Community On The 8th And 9th Of October 2021, Cut Short His Visit To The Federal Capital Territory, Rushed Down Home To Restore Peace, Trust And Hope To Izombe Community. The Governor, In Less Than 24 Hours Of Wading Into The Crisis, Has Visited The Izombe Community And Condoled With The Traditional Ruler And People Of That Community.

According To The Governor, “I Am Saddened At The Gory Sight Of Destroyed Properties And Lost Lives Of Innocent Citizens Of Izombe Community In Oguta Local Government Area, As A Result Of The Recklessness Of Few Bandits Who Have Chosen To Foment Mayhem Without Recourse To Morality”.

Governor Hope Uzodinma Continued, ” In Few Days To Come, I Shall Constitute A Bilateral Committee That Would Comprise Of Government Officials And The Leadership Of The Community To Investigate The Cause Of The Mayhem And Fashion Modalities To Commence The Rebuild Izombe Project And Offer Compensation To The Affected Homes” Unquote..


Governor Hope Uzodinma Visited Izombe Community On 12/10/2021, Where He Made The Above Quotes.

Disappointed That Governor Hope Uzodinma Has Restored Peace, Faith And Hope In Izombe Community, Haters And Enemies Of Imo State Have Decided To Throw Stones On The Wheel Of Progress And Development Of The State, By Going To Town With Damaging, Scandalous And Blackmail Narrative Of The Izombe Incident, With The Sole Aim Of Painting The Government Of Governor Hope Uzodinma In Bad Light………………… One Of Such Blackmail Article Entitled, ” INSIDE UZODINMA LIEUTENANT CESSPOOL Of Oil BUNKERING AND CULTISM IN OGUTA : THE TRUE STORY OF THE IZOMBE CRISIS, And Written With A Pseudo Name, “Obinna Omadi”.

The Contents Of The Said Article Dubiously Gave The Impression That Appointees Of The Hope Uzodinma Led Government Are Neck Deep Into Oil Bunkering, With Crude Oil Refining Camps Thriving And Enhanced By The Following Appointees Having Over 1000 Thugs ===== Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia And Chief Charles Orie.

Other People Mentioned In The Sponsored Blackmail Article Are, Hon Eugene Dibiagwu And Chief Kyrian Uchegbu. Also, Soldiers Of The 34 Artillery Brigade Obinze Were Also Mentioned.

Let Me Be Clear Here : I Condemn Oil Bunkering Activity Under Any Guise. It Is A Notorious Business Activity, Mostly Undertaken By Criminal Elements In Our Society. I Am Involved In Genuine Oil Business, Consequently, When I Came Across The Offensive Article On Social Media Yesterday, 13/10/2021, Written By A Socalled “Obinna Omadi”, I Felt Concerned And Decided To Find Out The Truth, With The View Of Also Joining The Fight. So I Confronted Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia, The Special Adviser To The Governor On Oil And Gas.


I Forwarded The Said Article To Him And Demanded An Explanation. After About Thirty Minutes (30 Minutes), Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia Replied Thus, “Good Morning, My Dear Samuelson. Thank You For Your Concern. I Swear With The Name Of Everything I Have, Living And Non-living, That There Is No Gain In This Notorious Business Of Oil Bunkering. I Am Not Involved. I Condemn It In All Its Entirety, Because Of The Negative Consequences, Socially And Environmentally. Those Who Engage In Oil Bunkering Are Sabotaging The Governor And Government. I Am In Support Of The Governor To Make Imo A Major Oil Producing State. I Have Staked My Life To join His Excellency In The Recovery Of Our Lost Oil Wells. Therefore, I Can’t Turn Around To Bring Down Our Production Through Connivance With Criminal And Unscrupulous Elements In The Nefarious Bunkering Activities. The Authors Are Hired By Enemies And Haters Of Clean Pedigree And Untainted Integrity. But The Saboteurs Who Engage In Illegal Crude Oil Bunkering Are Well Known By The Hired Writers. Let Almighty God Be The Judge. Please Samuelson, Do Your Investigation And Verification, And Make It Public. Thanks”. Unquote.

Honestly, I Was Moved And Touched By Goodluck Opia’s Text Message Response. Nevertheless, I Made Further Enquiry And Contact To Some Notable Stakeholders In Izombe Community, Oguta, Ohaji/Egbema And Oru-west LGAs Who Are Also Into Oil And Gas Business. Clearly, I Was Informed That Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia Is Not Among Those Involved In Banditry And Oil Bunkering Business In The Federal Constituency. Again, I Contacted Youth Leaders Of Various Organizations In Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta And Oru-west LGAs, Who Maintained That Goodluck Opia Has Nothing To Do With Oil Bunkering Activities.

It Is Therefore Very Clear That The Writer Of The Offensive Article Who Wrote Under A Pseudo Name, ” Obinna Omadi” Is A Hired Hand Paid To Tarnish The Image Of Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia, Due To His Rising Sociopolitical Profile.

However, This Faceless Writer, “Obinna Omadi”, Has An Opportunity Provided By His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, Who Has Vowed To Get To The Root Of The Izombe Mayhem, By Constituting A ” Bilateral Committee That Would Comprise Of Government Officials And The Leadership Of The Izombe Community, To Investigate The Cause Of The Mayhem And Fashion Modalities To Commence The “Rebuild Izombe Project” And Offer Compensation To The Affected Homes”. These Faceless Hack Writers And Their Sponsors Should Approach The Committee, As Soon As It Is Constituted, And Make Their Submission, Rather Than Using The Social Media To Make Unsubstantiated Allegation Against An Innocent Man.

Enemies Of Progress And Haters Of Imo Development Should Therefore Leave Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia Alone. His Rising Sociopolitical Profile Is Indeed Giving Them Goose Pimples. No Wonder They Are Blackmailing Him. For A Man Who Rose To Become An Honourable Member That Represented Ohaji/Egbema State Constituency From 2003 To 2011, Speaker Of The Imo State House Of Assembly From 2007 To 2011, Federal House Of Representatives Member From 2015 To 2019 And Currently Special Adviser On Oil And Gas, One Can Clearly See That Envy Is The Motivating Factor Why Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia Is Being Blackmailed By These Faceless Writers And Their Sponsors.

Nobody Attacks You When You Are Unripe. No Doubt, Rt Honourable Goodluck Opia Is Ripe For A Higher Leadership Calling.

I Rest My Pen.

Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai Mkda (Ekenwohia Ndigbo)