Biography of Nollywood actress Oluchi Nwabuzor


This article covers all you need to know about Nollywood actress and model Oluchi Nwabuzor. Her full biography, relationship, age, family, movie career, and educational background.

About Nollywood actress Oluchi Nwabuzor

Oluchi Nwabuzor is a Nigerian model and Nollywood actress famed for her appearance in an Etisalat advert in 2016.

Beyond that she has grown to establish herself in the movie industry, having featured in lots of movies since that groundbreaking appearance in 2016.

Oluchi Nwabuzor has also grown to become a bundle of talent on screen, making it evident in the manner in which she interprets every single role as they come to her in movies.

She is also known for her classic figure which she has maintained overtime to ensure that beyond her talents, she is also in shape for all the roles that seem perfect for her person.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Screen name and real name

Famed as Oluchi Nwabuzor, the screen diva’s real name is Oluchukwu Stephana Nwabuzor.

The screen name Oluchi is simply short of Oluchukwu, with ‘Chi and ‘Chukwu’ meaning the same thing in the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s State of origin and tribe

Oluchi Nwabuzor is a full-blooded Igbo Woman. She hails from Anambra State in the South-East of Nigeria.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Age and Birthday

Her age is one secret she has kept from the media like most Nigerian. But that aside Oluchi is a very private person even when she does a business that puts in public eyes.

Oluchi Nwabuzor is believed to be born in the 1990s and her birthday is on the 7th of October.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Educational Background

Oluchi Nwabuzor is exceptionally educated compared to everyday Nigerian actors and actresses.

She holds Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Babcock University as well as a Masters Degree in the same course from the University of Lagos. She achieved the latter in 2018.

Her educational background makes her stand out in the industry as someone who can understand what is right or wrong and an exceptional actress who can make the message of a movie better.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Movies

Nollywood actress Oluchi Nwabuzor has featured in tons of movies in different categories. She has had movies virtually on platforms and major TV stations across Africa.

Being a versatile actress, she can play different roles, giving her an edge in the industry.

She has featured in

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Family

Only people very close to her know about her family. She keeps everything private.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Vision

Oluchi Nwabuzor wants to be in the history of Nollywood. She also wants to be among the people who will change the story of Nollywood by making it a real contender globally.

She also wants to be one of the greatest actress Nigeria will ever have, featuring in movies within and outside the country.

She said in a recent interview that she wants to have the talent of Genevieve Nnaji as well as the longevity of Joke Sylva.

Oluchi Nwabuzor‘s Relationship and marriage

Oluchi is still single but no one has ever seen anything about her relationship in public. Everything about her private life is private and that is how she loves them to be.

She does not believe in bringing relationships and marriage to the public and as a very private person, she has maintained that.

Although in one interview, she revealed that she has a very soft spot for intelligent men. that is almost like the most she has said about men in public spaces.

Oluchi Nwabuzor on Social Media

As would be expected. She is not one of the most sensational people on social media. Most of her accounts are either quiet or private.
Oluchi Nwabuzor on Faacebook
Oluchi Nwabuzor on Instagram

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