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People will doubt you, but don’t quit – Lady Tamara advises young people.

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Teen model Vougue Tamara Aghadiuno popularly known as Lady Tamara has called on young people to keep being strong even when people don’t believe in it.

Lady Tamra said that she has had her fair share of doubts with many people doubting things about her, especially if she has what it takes to be a top model.

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Having turned 16 in August the beautiful model said, sometimes people doubt because they have seen something better.

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“People don’t doubt you because they hate you, most of the time they do because they have seen something better; so go back to work, come out again and again until you show them who the best really is.”

Lady Tamara in a private chat with OtownGist said that even though she is young, she has come to understand that life is not an easy ride and anyone who wants something out of it must not just work, but show that they want it more than every other person.

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“For instance, I started dreaming about this as a kid, I showed my mum that I wanted it more than anything and she has been very supportive”


“We don’t have to seek validation from the world out there, we just have to show them we deserve the seat we have taken at the table of life,” she said.

The USA-based model who has been working on the ‘Preemie Power’ project, said as a person being successful and helping others to achieve the same should be the summary of living.

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Preemie Power is geared at making life better for preemie babies around developing nations especially and Lady Tamara said she is coming a lot to the project because it is personal to her.

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