Music is food for the soul and there is always this fierce competition among artistes to be the best at every point in time.

Looking at 2020 and its ups and downs, we still have things to be thankful for. Yes we do. Some artistes broke out, some explored, some got better, while others shut down, but that is not bad at all because we understand what 2020 is all about.

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike of takes a look at the best EPs and Album released by some artistes in Imo State, how they faired, and who he thinks has the best project in the year under review.


It is a long list and be ready to enjoy all the good music this will be offering.


You are blind when you simply cannot spot talent when you see one. Yung Krizz is absolutely one talent to watch out for in 2021.

With a fine delivery, I was able to remain glued from the first to the last track on the EP and that is simply what class can achieve for an artiste.

Being on number might seemingly be unfair for this project, but making it to this list is one hard battle it has one, and right now the artiste deserves some accolades as we look forward to more from him.


Have you listened to this EP? What do you think.

My Best Track: Call on me


HumbleLion has been in a class of his own and that is surely the confidence behind this project ‘SIMBA’

AlthOUGH Simba can only grow to be Simba, there is this Mufasa expectation from this talented singer. I think he knows how good he is, and I know he can get better in 2021.

Like what it is, this an Extended Play, you just have to play it to the end, especially with all the ‘love love’ vibes in it.
What is your favourite track? I’ll surely go for Blood Featuring Kristal, I just know why maybe both artistes are so good.



I think I just started falling in love with a brand new kind of vibe. Maybe I’m already feeling cozy with the ‘FEEL COZY’ album.

You cannot take talent away from this singer, CozziCole has matured into a great singer compared to what I heard the last time I listened to him.

This album is not only about the joy of good music, it is also about the fact that artistes here are growing, making the kind of music you will always be proud of.

I expect more from him in 2021,

My Best Track: YEAH & NAY


Like the title of this EP, the artiste has been nothing less than that.

Being away for a while and coming back only 2020 to make such an impact, D’Baba deserves more.

A sensational singer taking things up from ‘Juliana’ to the last two tracks, D’Baba is surely among the big things we expect to see in 2021.

If you want to dance or vibe to good music from beginning to end, this EP is simply what you are looking.

My Best Track: Choko


Coming in as an ancestor to some of the young artistes on this list 2Blac made a point with this EP during the pandemic and that point was simple – ‘I am still in the game’.

Dubbed ‘punchline king’, the rapper did nothing but rap from the first to the sixth track on the EP.

This EP has to be on this list because I think 2Blac has not just been outstanding, he will still be and tagged ‘The Underground G.O.A.T’ do you think he is the greatest of all time?

Think, judge, but enjoy the EP before that.

My Best Track: Vendetta


For the sake of this review, I made sure I did not listen to ‘On God’ with sentiment because, after all the hypes and vibes on that track, there are chances I would be stuck to it.

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Gteck has always been amazing. The duo doesn’t joke with the music business and that is why you can also count some amazing videos off this EP.

‘Vibes or Nothing’ with 5 tracks was released in October 2020 and so far has seen 14k streams on one platform and you can always expect that there is more on other platforms.
They are not lacking in talent and one gift they have again is knowing when to feature and who to feature on a track.

In my judgment, the first wife remained the best wife.

My Best Track: On God

4. F2 – JUNGLE – EP

Released in the heart of Covid-19 lockdown, F2’s Jungle EP came as a source of 5 great songs.

F2 who is initially known as a rapper was practically a single on this EP, but don’t get it twisted, he has always been a singer on all his recent hit songs – a great singer for that matter. Who do you prefer – F2 the rapper or the singer?

There is this special feeling I got listening to the entire EP again, seeing that it has raked more than 127k streams.

F2 since his breakout has not just been there, he has been a ‘top top’ artiste and that is what we will be expecting from him come 2021.

Do you think he still has more hits under his belt?

My Best Track: Jungle


With all the hype on this EP, it was a debut worth remembering for rapper Fozter. Taking the time to listen to all the songs, I must say that this is a wonderful compilation.

What more can you expect from a rapper if not lyrics, punchlines, and ‘volcanic’ energy; give it to Fozter, he has it all.

All eyes will be on this lad to see what he can make out of the rave and wave he has attracted to himself. All I have to say is that if he continues this way in 2021, he will be rubbing shoulders with the best voices in the rap game over here.

My Best Track:


DJ Saquo’s album should have been referred to as ‘our album’ or ‘everybody’s album’ having 42 artistes and 19 producers on its 16 tracks.

This is surely a compilation of good music and nothing more than that. DJ Saquo who has recently turned vocal on social media should be grateful for the accolades this album is bringing him and even when it yet to score a million streams, he deserves some celebration.

How does a human end up with 42 artistes in one album? How did he get to manage it from the first to the last – that’s legendary.

One thing certain is that DJ Saquo is on a mission. The Dude doesn’t want to be the guy playing sounds made by others, he wants to create his world of sounds.
My Best Track:


XBusta will always be himself though short of the projections made based on his talent and other factors.

I am here to talk about the ‘Discovery EP’, so let’s face it squarely and I must say ‘he is outstanding”.
XBusta is another rapper on this who has taken to singing. I know I am not the only one nursing this sentiment of losing good rappers to singing but that is what music has become about – do what works for you.

I think one discovery to take home from this Extended Play is that XBusta has matured as an artiste and I have a lot of reasons for that. The rhythm on my favourite tracks reminds me of no other but legendary

Tuface. So can XBusta can? Yes he can and he did it, he nailed it.

Now is your time to listen to this EP. DON’T SKIP.

My Best Track: Chakam