Kid star, Uchechi Okonkwo popularly known as Ada Kirikiri has put up special ways to celebrate her birthday on October 12, 2020 according to her management.

The singer, motivational speaker and Nollywood star will be adding the release of a brand new gospel track to the list of activities marking her birthday.

Alongside humanitarian activities to support underprivileged and women children in rural areas, she will be releasing the song ‘Oke Osisi’ on that day.


With the song produced by veteran producer, Xpchux, Ada Kirikiri said she’ll never stop worshiping God.

“Why will I stop” she said, adding that there are so many reasons for her to be thankful to God. “My whole life is a testimony; my entire existence and everything that I can do, so with what God is doing in my life, the only thing I can do is keep praising Him”

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Ada Kirikiri further stated that beyond being grateful, her birthday will be a point of reflection on the life children are living around the world.

Uchechi Okonkwo aka Ada Kirikiri

“Sometimes when I’m in locations and see the plight of children, I cry. Some are my mates and others older have not gotten close to some of the privileges I’ve had. Some don’t go to school, other have parents who don’t really care and that is very sad”


“I have been doing what I can for the children and some aged women in the villages. Some of them don’t have anyone taking care of them and I am glad I can help” she said,

‘Oke Osisi’ , which will be released on Monday, October 12, 2020, is something special according to the Nollywood kid star and she said that, even when everything might seem tough, having a God that is tougher than any situation is the most important thing.