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Now That They Have Exhausted Their Propaganda And Lies, What Next?

by OtownGist

For some weeks now, after the inglorious declaration by the Court of Appeal that the people of Okigwe, Onuimo and Isiala Mbano federal constituency should go back to the polls, I have watched with dismay how those who oppose the candidacy of Hon Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri have gone about their malicious campaign of calumny.

Ordinarily, I shouldn’t be writing this, but with the circumstances surrounding the Rerun that will take place on January 25 and subsequent elections coming up I have to pen this down at least for others to learn.

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During the build up to the 2015 general election, we were busy calling Okorocha all sorts of names, saying little or nothing concerning issues, and we paid dearly for it, we learnt our lessons in the last election and we sold Ihedioha to Imo people and didn’t bother much about his opponent. That’s exactly what I was expecting Those who oppose Obinna to be doing, unfortunately they didn’t learn anything from 2015 Okigwe North federal constituency election.

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I was with Hon. Obinna some day’s ago and he took his time to reel out his sojourn at the national assembly in the past four years, he was derailed about it and From all he said I can say he did Excellently well, for a first timer to have four bills and up to 10 notions to his credit shows someone who will do More when reelected.


For the past weeks, these guys have stopped writing, they have exhausted their propaganda and lies against Obinna and they have nothing else to write, they are bereft of ideas on how to market their candidate that was why they resolted to lies. This election have been won and Lost if you look at it critically, Obinna has been there and have known the terrain, he is conversant with the workings of the national assembly, a new person Will not be able to find his footings in the next one year and election will Come calling.

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The Best bet for the people of Onuimo Local government Area is Obinna Onwubuariri if you know what I mean and if you are well aware of the politics of Okigwe North. Come 25th January Obinna will be reelected.

By: Nduji Chukwudi Destiny


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