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Some Imo entertainers are in ‘media darkness’ – Hardy

by OtownGist

The recent argument that entertainers in Imo State are not getting enough publicity on the media is a result of the darkness hovering over the minds of many entertainers in the state according to Chinedu Hardy Nwadike.

Hardy who is the president of Imo State Bloggers Association ISBA, said blaming bloggers for not receiving enough publicity is a lousy excuse on the side of entertainers, adding that everyone should be taking advantage of 2019 which is ending to have a media plan for 2020.

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“There’s been lots of knocks on bloggers in the state and they are often funny. People blame bloggers for not talking about their secret achievement and the worst part is that some people in the media have also joined the band wagon to blame bloggers for not talking about them”


“My last response was that Facebook and Google still advertise; they have a good media plan every year and they understand that it is what will simply keep them alive in the business. Entertainers should learn from that”

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I still advertise in magazines and other places I deem fit and I don’t see the reason people would want to sit in their houses and get all the promotions they need without doing the right thing”, he said.

Hardy then blamed ignorance on the side of most entertainers as the biggest cause of this media darkness they are facing, adding that everyone should step up, if they really want to get something out of showbiz in 2020.

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“I think the mindset needs to change; people here need to have a good plan that will help them and they should also understand that without doing they needful, things won’t work out for them”

“We can have our entertainers educated on the importance of being on the news as well as having a good media plan and profile so they don’t end up being invisible even when they are doing so much”, Hardy concluded.


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