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AAC’s Umeogu-Ogbuta tipped best for Imo Guber seat

by OtownGist

As 2019 election gathers momentum, there are different candidates, and there are special candidates. One of such special candidate is Dr. Mrs Chidi Omeogu-Ogbuta who is unrepentant advocate of social justice; an issue based pro-democracy activist; thoughtful social analyst; and an equity-obsessed, morally shaped, spokesperson for the poor whose ideological resolve and conviction is entrenched on building an egalitarian society for all inclusiveness.

Dr. Mrs Chidi Omeogu-Ogbuta, is a graduate of School of Nursing, Aba; School of Midwifery, Akwa-Ibom; Bsc. Nursing – University of Scotland and Bsc. Medicine – University of Antigua and has all through her life been a strong advocate for health equity and promoter of common good.

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The most inspiring feature of this great daughter of Imo State is that she is a consistent; passionate; dogged; resilient; undeterred and determined character who can never betray trust or confidence bestowed on her no matter the circumstance.

I will here reproduce what she said when asked why she as a medical doctor decided to run for governorship, she said,


“At this point in time, we are at crossroads as a State, though I’m not a traditional politician but a medical doctor whose job consists in lifting people up healthwise, and my foundation ‘Angels For Premature Babies’ which was born out of my personal experience, is a charity organization committed to seeking ways to help stem the problems faced by children who are born prematurely, and who eventually die due to inadequate, or the absence of, medical care and we have saved countless children to that effect.

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“But I say to you” she continued, “there are more to do. More to do for that little child in Nekede whose parents and relations means of livelihood were dispossessed because of disastrous policies and is forced to abandon school and engage in child labour at 6 years just to get 1/3 feeding rationale.

“We have more to do for the business man from Orlu whose shop was demolished ruthlessly, lost all means of livelihood and struggling with heartache on how to pay the bills of his children. We have more to do for the pensioner from Okigwe who struggles with tears on how to explain to his child that there’s is no money to buy rice her favourite food because they are yet to receive full gratuity or pension in the past seven years.”

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Speaking with unflinching honesty and undeniable authenticity she further remarked:

“Therefore I’m running this race for the underprivileged, the poor, those dispossessed of their means of livelihood.

I’m running this race for the thousands of unpaid, exploited and mistreated civil servants and pensioners in Imo State. I’m running it for the suffering masses without reward of labour.

I’m running it for the downtrodden, the sick dying mothers and children without medicare.

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I’m running it for the jobless youths and the numerous out of school children and all the victims of socio-economic neglect.”

These reveal that Dr. chidi is a leader per excellence and her antecedents have proved beyond reasonable doubt that this loving, encouraging medical doctor is on a Gap Bridging Mission in Imo State, to close the disparity gaps in health, economy, youth/women empowerment etc.

Who else do we Imolites want other than this vibrant; hardworking and people oriented woman?

Great Imolites! The essence of sending this people oriented woman to Imo Douglas House can never be over-emphasized. We are optimistic that going by her track record as a GOAL GETTER; focused leader; child of destiny and by Gods grace, we will for sure have every reason to glorify God and be glad that Yes! we did. We only trust in God and strongly believe that with Him and in Him alone, victory is sure. God being our redeemer, will surely lead us through this desired and deserved victory come 2019. Let all hands be on deck as we send this great generational emancipator to contribute to our liberation. Indeed we can do all things through God almighty who strengthens us.

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The good people of Imolites, the appointed time has come for us to take our destiny in our own hands. And if not now, When? We shall not compromise our stand on this. We shall continue to tell our people the reasons why Dr. Mrs Chidi Omeogu-Ogbuta remains the BEST option for Imo Governor 2019.

May the good Lord bless th. e good people of Imo State as we do well to successfully accomplish this great project.

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Support and Vote Dr. Mrs Chidi Omeogu-Ogbuta; the Woman with the CAPACITY, CHARACTER, COMPETENCE and above all COMPASSION for Imo Governorship -2019



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