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The Broken Woman: Triumphant By Blossom Obi | @BlossomObi3

by OtownGist

Believe in the person you see when you look in the mirror not because you see everything you want but because you’re going to become everything that you are; not because you wish it so, but because your believe would birth something so strong; an energy that would irresistibly pull you into molding each and every form that is you, till you become the real you.

The rain had just begun, the wind coming with a force like it had a mind of its own. Pushing through the crowd that stood at Kingsway Bus Stop, Venice stood anxiously waiting for a vehicle that would take her home.

“The weather has changed, there would be limited buses and increase in transport prices”, Venice thought to herself as she searched through her handbag, for extra money.

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Lifting her head up from her previous activity, she wiped the drizzled rain off her face. Venice was tall for a girl, her dark brown skin shone due to the drops of rain that gave her a goddess look.


Twenty-three and ambitious as ever Venice would not just settle for anything life threw at her, although there were times when she wanted to just throw everything away giving up. Unlike some people’s believe, crying was never a form of weakness for Venice. It was a tool for release; pouring out her anger and frustration.

While doing that her paper and pen was not too far from her. Many a time she would just write how she felt and what next step to take with the goal at hand.

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“Palm estate, palm estate”, a bus driver called out, there was a rush but this time Venice wasn’t going to be left out. She joined the rush, quickly reaching for the front seat and sat down in a hurry.


“ahhmm”, she let out a sigh of relief, the rain had decided to hold its tongue, for reasons unknown to man, as the bus moved on.

Irregular with her thinking, she often thought she fell from the sky, because a lot things people took and embraced as life was so foreign to her and even when she tried it didn’t work. Her mind was already fashioned in a particular way. It got to her when she was younger, but now she understood better. Standing out was what made her this strong woman she was becoming.

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Walking into the building where her flat was, Mary her little sister who was six called out to her running towards her for an embrace. She lifted her up, spinning her, “You have a visitor”, Mary chatted on in an almost baby-like tone.

Putting her down, Mary was a bit dizzy from the spin, but Venice still held on to her. They were a family of four her dad always traveled since she could remember, so it was just her mom Mrs. Shina, she could often say she really knew.

Her dad when available would always pick a fight with her, this made her sad on many occasions but nevertheless more charming as she could be.
Strolling into the living with Mary on her other hand Venice saw her mom beaming so bright and happy, she didn’t understand.


“Was her dad back”, she thought to herself. Seeing her mum smiling was not new to Venice, but this was different.

“What are we celebrating today?” she whispered within.

“Mummy good afternoon” she greeted, smiling back to her mother who was not very aged, in her forties’ but due to taking more responsibility than required she looked a bit older than her age. Sitting down close to her, Venice mom squeezed her hands in excited response.

Greeting the visitor who was with her a young handsome male, Venice eyes roamed round his strong broad shoulders that his well-tailored suit couldn’t do justice hiding and eager to hear the awesome news and share in her mom’s excitement Venice asked “what’s going on?” facing her mum.

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The handsome man decides to take his leave, as Mrs. Shina stood up to walk him to the door he bade them goodbye and left.

“That was kunle” her mother started, “he works at shell, he came to visit his sick cousin across the street and he took a liking to you the first time he saw you, two weeks back. He was here for your hand in marriage” Mrs. Shina finished still beaming with excitement.

Venice had never felt more disappointed in her life, “her mum was selling her off to a rich man in the façade of marriage” she thought to herself.

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“This is my life, and I’m going to make the best of it”. She started, answering her mum “I’ll get married, yes not today and not like this” her eyes so determined, Mrs. Shina knew there was no changing her mind.

Just You
There might just be so much adequacy in a lot of things, but sometimes our mind and soul just yearns for a little more, a missing piece, trying to feel an empty vacuum. Everything you need is inside of you, you just need to look hard enough to find it.

Blossom Obi writes from Owerri, Imo State. For comments and responses, reach her via obiblossom8@gmail.com or Twitter/Instagram: @BlossomObi3


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