Madumere’s right steps of leadership!

By Gilbert IKechukwu
Obviously enveloped in a high-staked status; giving opportunities that determine much and empower to inebriation, somehow he still manages self-composure, which is dependent not on any institution or position rather on an innate composition, selfless in standing! He could have been something else but the state Deputy Governor. Yet as destiny would have it, today he is the Deputy Governor! Like salt that refuses to lose its taste, His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere, hasn’t changed much a bit; he still is like the guy next door, always ready to mingle, accommodate and listen!

What characterizes the motif behind most of his actions is still shrouded in mystery. More often a time, many think he embarks on risky gambles that in the process may hurt him, including close associates. Though pains of most of the decisions he takes may persist, Madumere retreats not! Marching forward like one who understands the language of the spirits. What people don’t see, he sees and perseveres no matter the inevitable discomforts accruable on the way. A shouting contrast to a perceived leadership norm obtainable on this part of the world; a typical Madumere style of leadership discharge, showcasing contemporary leadership! Clearly and narratively serving the much needed leadership recipe to the Imo people. As it is being brandished in public domain that, any type of leadership befits Nigerians, offering no choice in a supposed political system that advocates for “freedom of choice”. But since the inception of Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s mercurial regime, and the revelation of a selfless and people-submissive Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, a man whose clout is informed by his people-oriented contemporary style of leadership, Imolites now have a choice!
If my thoughts aren’t running riots, I know that the consequence of every decision taken by this leadership icon in life is seemingly embraced in good faith; regardless the storms involved, he accepts it! Which has gotten him this far. He has no control over his unprecedented rise; nevertheless he exercises a determined resolution over the choice of path to follow.
Obviously, it is neither by chance or accident that things seem to be falling in place for him. Madumere may not necessarily be a typical example of a hyper lavish spender, but he sure is a people’s political legal tender, very valuable to the polity and the people. He cuts across every nook and cranny of our social sphere, little wonder everyone has something positive to tell of him.
Recently at the grand reception to celebrate the current Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Acho Ihim, for being the newest President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association of Africa, an event which had in attendance an array of top political players from the length and breadth of Nigeria and the Africa political space; Madumere as usual was present, together with his boss, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. But in the colorful glitters of a sparkling event, resounding was the exuding pre-speech recognition by these political giants present of the Imo state Deputy Governor. Heralding a most joyful-coated assertion by his boss, the Imo state Governor of his Deputy while also recognizing dignitaries and observing protocols before his speech, he said: “as for you my Deputy…. I will get back to you”, Owelle was left emotionally speechless…. What hasn’t he said about this enigmatic assistant, a reliable son, a son in whom he is well pleased, a headache-free Deputy etc… He must have looked back, remembered how he got the clay, and with creative hands, carefully, tirelessly and patiently he molded the Prince Eze Madumere that we know today. A man that today receives encomiums from world leaders for his simplicity, humility and diligent service to both the Nigerian state and to his dependable boss, Owelle! No doubt, on that day, right inside the auditorium of the Imo International Conference Centre, Madumere appeared conspicuous even among national leaders!
Here is a man, even as a Deputy Governor and regardless his so many Honors and Awards, embarked on a Course work in pursuance of a Masters Degree in History and International Studies at the Imo State University Owerri, which he recently concluded. Though some opinions allude that it was an easy grab for him, since, they say, he cannot be failed as the Deputy Governor. Concurring people’s right to their opinion, I beg to disagree on this; Madumere is a brilliant scholar, intelligent with a sheer determined drive to achieve positive results in life’s endeavor. Notwithstanding his current status as Deputy Governor, he saw what he wanted, he went for it! He worked hard for it, and for those who don’t know and care to know, Madumere is a good reader, he reads and listens well; always ready to learn more every day.

Madumere is naturally a hands-on person. From the writers investigation, he was to study Engineering in the United States but for the scholarship granted him by the PepsiCo, he settled for Management since it was the pre-condition for the scholarship. Despite this, he is a guru in quantitative politics where he  mathematically do a calculation that easily will allow him make predictions in so far as the natural process is not scuttled by other incalculable variables.

It is on record that he predicted the emergence of Donald Trump as the 45th American President long time ago but many knocked his view off with a mere wave of hand. Today, he has been proved right. By his interest in local, national and international politics with interest on how their dynamics affect States, it is only expected that he pursues mastery in the field he has gained so much experience as a participant.

At the conclusion of his programme in IMSU, he still made out time for exchanges with his course mates. Speaking to them on the need to stick and network together; equally calling on them to adopt the “Good Old Boy network tradition” of American students. I guess it was a proposal to always identify with his course mates. Cut out the sensation that may appear to characterize his final session with his course mates, it was a typical taste of Madumere’s humble disposition to power.
Lately, and fast becoming a tradition with his Excellency Prince Eze Madumere, like some super hero who continues to save the day in chaotic situations which could possibly have caused mayhems, Madumere always comes handy enough to save it. Some time ago, the Imo state Deputy Governor had to stop his convoy to ensure the arrest of some touts who were busy extorting unsuspecting Imo citizens by impersonation of Owerri City Development Authority (OCDA) staffs. In a similar case, the Deputy Governor’s convoy was once stuck in traffic. He stepped out of his vehicle, and walked to the root cause of the traffic jam, seeing it was a broken down truck, he offered help to the truck driver which put the truck back on the road thereby easing traffic. There are so many of such Madumerelized heroics; really, too numerous to mention!
A most recent incident that, yet again, had him exhibit his conflict resolution skill was between some tanker driver and civil defense officials. These two have a history of intermittent confrontations, if not handled well snowballs to an economic meltdown, but the Imo state Deputy Governor was not going to have any of that. At this point the tanker driver had blocked the road with his tanker after being ruffled by the security operatives. Mr Humility, the Imo state Deputy Governor, who was inside his vehicle, jumped out of the comfort of his vehicle to mediate (though this wasn’t the first time he had settled a quarrel between these two). After hearing from both sides, he called for peace. Like the touch of a magical wand, instantly there was peace!
The true essence of leadership is service! Madumere has proved himself and continues to prove himself. This is not to praise him or spill sycophancy; it is to celebrate today and tomorrow’s contemporary leadership icon, a man that is always as usual!

In all these, Madumere never forgets that it was his Principal, Owelle Rochas Okorocha who has given him the needed opportunity to be discovered by the people. Of course, all credits must go to Owelle Rochas Okorocha, a mentor of mean repute. And like the Governor of Kano State rightly put, Deputising is all about loyalty, proactive steps to assist your boss succeed. Deputising means putting your boss first; Deputising means eschewing sycophancy and to the glory of God, Governor Ganduje described Prince Eze Madumere as a role model to other Deputy Governors.

IKECHUKWU GILBERT writes from Ihitte-Uboma and can be reached on 0802 432 0988

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