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Buchi George on Miss Queen World, Pageant TV and Global Education projects

by OtownGist

United Nations Ambassador and President of Face of the World Organization, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has assured everyone that the numerous global pageants they are floating is not an act of confusion but a well-articulated plan that is aimed at yielding a wonderful result.

Buchi George spoke as his organization announced that Miss Queen World 2017 Pageant will be taking place in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. He described the cities rich cultural heritage as one the reasons they have picked it, adding that Yerevan will be more than just a venue, but a window to see the past which is rich in history and beauty from the present.

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He further described Miss Queen World as nothing more than everything they have been doing, but will surely have its uniqueness. He said; “Everything we do might seem to look alike in vision and mission, but at the end of the day, you will agree with me that they are all different. There is always this uniqueness in all our pageants and it makes them different from others”


On why Face of the Word Organization is floating lots of pageants, he said; “Face of the World Organization, is a multimedia global production company with over 60 international brands.
Our goals are using our programme to projects, create awareness and support Global Children Education.

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“As global brand owners of Pageant TV, it’s also contents for our television programme which we will start airing on DSTV by mid-2017 in our FOW TV platform. So, we have over 60 international beauty pageants because it’s part of our TV contents for our PAGEANT TV”

He however added that their plan is to mark their presence globally and if possible, have events and projects in all countries of the world.

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Speaking further, Buchi George stated that no matter how large their programmes are, they will never class because they have professional producers who make sure everything is well packaged and planned before they are rolled out.

“It will never clash with others, as we have professional producers. Miss Queen World is a 2017 project after Dubai’s United Nations Fashion Week and Awards. We plan to follow that up with some educational charities in India, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria and Romania. Another 5 countries will follow in the second quarter” he concluded.


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