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Queen Noradence’s rare revelation on MBMI 2016 pageant

by OtownGist

Queen Noradence Obiefule has made a rare revelation when she said that not coming first the 2016 edition of Most Beautiful Model in Imo did not make her feel bad.

The beautiful model who ended up as the first runner-up at the pageant with the crown ‘Most Beautiful Model in Imo Fashion’ said everyone came into the contest to win, but made different efforts and so got what they deserved.

“When I got the crown that I won, I was satisfied because I felt it is what I merited. The judges know what is right and wrong. They have been into this, so they know what everyone deserved” She said.

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She also said that she would never be happy if she had not won at all, but would still come to accept her faith, work on herself and get better for other pageants.


“It is my first crown and I feel so happy about it. I’m also grateful to God.

“The next thing is for me to work hard and then improve on some things about me, because the crown is an honour that will help me be a better person.

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“The crown will then become a platform for me to do other things because there are many youths out there in need of my help as well as many lives I need to impact on. A crown like this makes one a role model instantly and you do everything possible to avoid letting the brand and the people down” she added.

Queen Noradence Obiefule came second at the pageant, thanks to the fabulous outfits made by Fantasy World who came third on the designers’ side of the contest. She hailed her designer’s creativity, adding that they got her all the way.

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Most Beautiful Model in Imo 2016 was jointly organized by DKC Models and Ghoz Couture.

Queen Judith Orisaekeziem, Queen Vivian Nnebedum and Queen Noradence Obiefule, winners [1st, 2nd, 3rd] of Most Beautiful Model in Imo 2016


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