If you have been following Nigerian music right from the time the internet has not been fully discovered as a major means of music promo, the name M-Josh Aka The Musikal Person will surely ring a bell to you. The renowned music maker talked on a lot of issues ranging from his forthcoming debut album, his early days in music and many more in an interview with Kc Slim(De Oceans)


Enjoy excerpt below.

Matthew Joshua Ike from Umuezeala Nnerim in Umundugba, Isu LGA, Imo state.
When did you start music officially?
I started music at age 4 with my pals as kids, then we were used to constructing musical sets (drums, guitars, pianos) with waste thins of beverages and woods to entertain our hood…..lol…..it was fun then
I attended army children sch. Port Hacourt, Comprehensive Secondary School Okoro Nu Odo where i had my waec in 2000.
Later gained admission to study medicine and. surgery in Uniport but couldn’t continue for some reasons
How will you describe your music?
I look in the eyes of my people, read their mind …assume myself in their world, and I interpret it into rhythms
I’m not a fixed singer I not based on a style
I sing all genre of song we live in a world of many feelings and I try 2 relate with them all
I do it because we all do not believe in just one thing…
Therefore my music is to be described as “a very complex one”
Do you also play musical instruments?
Yea, I play guitar, play Keyboard also
How will you describe yourself, artist or producer?
Yea, this is a question many out there ask
Well, let me tell you now, I am “a singer and also a very good producer”.
Quote me anywhere I will defend my words
My music comes complete with its rhythm, and I am the best producer to handle it
That means you can’t give your work to another producer?
Not really to say,cos in my forth coming. Album i featured a very good head as I am…”Fric P” on a song i tittled “Sars Okuz”’.
 In other words, if i see someone as good as i am or better off, I will give in. Besides it is all for my good if a stronger hand works with me.
Fric P produced ‘Sars Okuzu’ and its one hit you will love in the album.
What was your biggest breakthrough in music?
I thank God for bringing Mr Raw my way, as an upcoming, you need someone to queue you into the lane of ‘fast rising’ then you turn the star of your choice. I met Raw and my life changed. Spiritual conji was my breakthrough.
Who produced Spiritual Conji?
I produced, mixed and mastered spiritual conji.
Following the Success gotten from Spiritual Conji, why didn’t you capitalize on that immediately?
Yea, many people ask the same question because I needed to maintain the quality of my brand, I have been in my ‘music factory’ since the last time you heard me. I’m not in haste even if I know am that good, still had to take my time to come well again. That’s why.
What are your plans for the future?
I aim at a very big tomorrow, even if i see challenges, I’m not afraid to strike, I have the drive, I only pray for life, I have my squad because i don’t want to reign alone.  I’m coming like Don Jazzy, to reign like Tuface and turn richer than P Square’.
 Funny abi?, (laughs) But that’s me in few days.
 Tell the world that the time for the manifestation of the son of Matthew is here, that’s my gospel.
You dropped a single “Onwa December” lately, what inspired it?
My days of infancy, As i grew up, Xmas is one remarkable period I grew up with, till date , it still come and go, So i thought of taking record of moments by making the song, It turned a hit…(Laughs)..Na God.
Any follow up single coming up soon?
The video of Onwa December is close by, but before Xmas, I will be popping up with a new single, this time it is more of dance and  after that we will talk ‘philosophy in music’. That will be in January.
Very Serious
Any collaboration with A list artists?
Yea, But I refuse to mention names now because my album is a ‘surprise parcel’, No need to brag, just take it gradual as i dish the meal.
When do we expect the album?
Soon, no specific date yet.
Now let’s talk personal, married or single?
(Smiles) Let’s keep it business, I don’t discuss my personal life, (Laughs), for my personal reasons.
What is your view on the Nigerian Music today?
We are very good; we have many young good brains.
I’m aware we are the biggest music market in the world for now. We have to maintain it by putting in more creativity into our art
 To me I’m glad, Nigerian music has really created hope for many youths today
Advice for upcoming artists
I listened to J-Martins so much until I became M-Josh, I listened to tuface so much bfore I was able to build my skills in singing, P Square thought me to recycle tune, You see I depended on many to grow, Mr Raw made me hard on my lyrics, Our upcoming artistes should get themselves role models.
As a child I listened to bright chimezie, Oliva de Coque, Osadebe.
It’s been a longtime coming, more like a seasonal movie.
Message for your fans!
1st I will say thanks for your patronage, thanks for choosing to hear me, thanks for not giving up on me even when it seemed like I went cold. For these reasons and more, I will by God’s grace always ensure I serve you the best of tunes. I love you all.
Here we rap it up, Thanks for your time bro. 
 You are welcome brother.

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